• Ashley Henderson - MHS '00 

    Lt. Ashley Henderson Huff, a member of the 2000 graduating class from Montgomery High School, was tragically killed in Iraq on September 19, 2006 while serving her country as a member of the 549th Military Police Company.

    Ashley attended the University of Georgia, where she was when our country was attacked by terrorists on 9/11/01.  As she watched sitting on her bed in her sorority house, she turned to her roommate and said, “If we go to war, I’m going”.  Huff quickly enrolled in UGA’s ROTC programmed where she thrived and exhibited her abilities as a born leader.  Mark Henderson, Ashley’s father, commented “Her sorority had all these Southern belles, and then she’d walk in (in camouflage) and face paint.”

    After graduation, Ashley accepted a U.S. Army officer’s commission as a platoon leader with the 549th Military Police Company.  On August 13, 2005 she married college sweetheart Brian Huff and was deployed to Iraq four short months later.  While in Iraq, she trained the Iraqi police force with one of her duties being to accompany them on their patrols.  On September 19th a suicide car bomber pulled up alongside her Humvee and detonated the explosives.  She had only six weeks left in her first deployment.

    In October of 2008, the Interior Ministry of the Kurdistan Regional Government honored her with a bronze statue at the opening of the new police academy in Erbil, Iraq, which she helped found: “First Lieutenant Ashley Henderson Huff was a woman of courage and determination.  We are honored to have worked with her.  Her family and colleagues should be proud of what she did for her country and for the people of Iraq in the liberation of our country.  Her statue will act not only as a remembrance of her but will also inspire our police cadets to live up to her standards of commitment and professionalism.” 
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