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    Welcome To Miss Serrano's Page
      This year I am teaching PreCalulus CP, Algebra III, and Algebra I CP.
     All of the homework assignments and resources for this course can be found on the google classroom site located to the right. 
    Assignments can also be found on parent resources.
    All announcements for the class will be in google classroom that can also be accessed on the right. 
  • Course Descriptions
    PreCalculus CP: 
    This college preparatory course covers all the fundamental topics that prepare students for calculus. Emphasis is on problem solving and the study of relations, functions, equation solving, and graphing. The functions studied include polynomial, conics, rational, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, and inverse functions. Upon entering this course, students must have a strong working knowledge of the mechanics of Algebra II, and be able to grasp the more theoretical concepts that form the foundation for calculus. Scientific and graphing calculators are required.
    Algebra III:
    This course is offered as the fourth year course in a four-year sequence that provides students with a modified version of the traditional Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry course sequence. The major part of the course strengthens Algebra skills and concepts. Emphasis is on solving equations and problem solving. Functions studied include polynomial, rational, logarithmic and exponential. Additionally, students start exploration of Trigonometry and the Unit Circle. A graphing calculator is required.
    Algebra I CP:
    Algebra I is the first course in the college preparatory program in mathematics. Emphasis is placed upon the development and understanding of the real number system and the basic structure of Algebra. Also, the course helps students develop an appreciation for logical problem-solving and deductive reasoning as well as precision in the communication of mathematical ideas and its context to real world. A scientific calculator is required.