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    2020-2021 Classes:
    Spanish 1, Spanish 2


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    Spanish 1 Curriculum Overview

    Spanish 1 is an entry-level high school course which is designed for students with no prior knowledge, as well as for those who are continuing from middle school Spanish and need or want reinforcement of foundational knowledge and communication skills.

     This introduction to the basics emphasizes practical use of the language while exploring the richness and variety of Hispanic cultures. The targeted proficiency level, as identified by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), is Novice-mid. By the end of the academic year, students should be able to engage in conversation on familiar topics at an elementary level.

    Spanish 2 Curriculum Overview

    This course meets state graduation requirements for World Languages and NJ Student Learning Standard 7.1. Students progress towards ACTFL novice-high proficiency. The novice-high language learner has progressed from understanding and communicating at the word level to understanding and communicating at the sentence level and can use words, lists, and simple sentences to identify the main idea and some supporting details when reading, ask & answer questions and handle simple transactions related to everyday life.

    Course objectives are for students to demonstrate competence in the 3 modes using thematic vocabulary with emphasized language structures - the present, preterite and imperfect verb tenses. Thematic vocabulary units are daily routine, travel & adventures, celebrations & traditions and uses of technology. Major assignments include: written articles and short essays, cultural presentations, demonstration of conversational skills.

    PREREQUISITES: Completion of MHS Spanish 1 or UMS Spanish 1b with 80% or better