Degrees and Certifications:

K-12 Health and Physical Education Driver's Education

Mr. Jurik

Welcome All!

My name is Mr. Jurik and I am one of the three Health and Physical Educators at the Village Elementary School! 

My Classroom: I plan to establish a classroom built on the foundation of respect! I want all the students to know I care about them and want the best possible education for them! They will all be on a 6 day rotation with 2 of those days dedicated to Physical Education and 1 to Health! As one of my students, you can look forward to Team Bonding Activities, Fitness, Cooperation, Dance, Gymnastics, Fun Physical Education Games and so much more! I want our students to see the importance of being a "good sport" in every activity we do. We will start off the year will learning routines, safety, boundaries, and how to respect others. Throughout the year we will be touching upon fun activities regarding different parts of the upper body and lower body, as well as learning the basic muscles that go along with it! There will be a rewards system in place for every class to try their best and work their hardest!

Aside from Physical Education, as a school we have a very good Health Curriculum as well. The topics included are Personal and Mental Health, Family Life, Nutrition and Fitness, Stress Management, Safety and Injury Prevention, Environmental Awareness, Drugs and Alcohol, Human Development, and Disease Prevention. We would be using a variety of learning strategies to help the students understand the topics as best as possible. We will use in class discussions, videos, different websites as well as completing fun in class activities! These activities can range from word searches, crosswords, fill in's with word banks, and much much more! Homework will rarely be assigned because we believe the students need some time to help settle in after the year we've all had, and work on their own mental health. However, on the rare occasion it is assigned, please make sure you get it done to be prepared for the next day!

About Me: Let me tell you a little more about me and how I got here! I have always had a passion for fitness and sports. I just graduated in May as a health and physical education teacher and I am excited to begin my career in Village Elementary School! A little fun fact relating to that is that my first word was actually "ball", who would have guessed it would have been so predictive of my life! I grew up loving Physical Education classes and the sports/games we played in them, as well as the sports outside of school as well. I played soccer all my life and really got familiar with training and fitness to help me get better. The worst thing was always the injuries which I had to deal with, but loved being able to get back on the field. I became interested in the injury aspect of sports and that lead me to taking a 'Sports Medicine' class in high school. The class was a mix of Athletic Training and Anatomy of the muscles/bones. I absolutely loved it and knew I wanted to be an Athletic Trainer for student athletes. I knew the drive I had to get back on the field and wanted to help others as well with how motivated they would be, which narrowed down the age group. Fast forward a year to college where I studied Athletic Training at Rowan University. I was writing essays for scholarships and realized I wanted to be a family man and see my family as much as possible, being that my father was a marine and didn't always see his kids as much as he wanted to. I knew I wanted to have a family and see them as much as possible. This led me to remembering how my High School Athletic Trainer/Sports Medicine teacher would always note how he did not see his family as much as he would have liked. He would be home in the mornings when they went to work/school, and then go into work around noon and be there until later at night, while his family would be home. He said the one thing he regrets was not able to spend more time with his family as they grow older. So i knew i needed to do something so I wasn't in the same boat. My friend and I were talking about what can be a similar path that I really enjoy and be able to see my family just as much. I came to the conclusion of Health and Physical Education because it still related to my interests and fit my life goal a little better. Now instead of getting students athletes back on the field with rehab, I can help all students learn proper biomechanics as well as correct form with every exercise they do! This way I am working with injury prevention instead of rehab which is still just as important! Here I am a couple years later, and never looked back! Until I start a family of my own, I enjoy spending time with my two year old nephew and eight month old niece! Now that you know about me, I would love to learn all about you all as well!


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If anyone ever wants to talk, contact me, or has any questions, you can reach me at or (609-466-7606) ext. 2245