• Welcome to my page! My name is Dimitri Nessas, and I teach ESL at Montgomery Lower Middle School.


    2021 / 2022 Classes


    -ESL 5 (1st Period)

    -ESL 5 (6th Period)

    -ESL 6 (3rd Period)



    My philosophy for teaching language is simple -- students learn to speak the best when they enjoy speaking. As such, my goal is truly to do my best to get to know all my students, what their interests are, and how to connect with them in engaging ways that encourage participation. I also place great value in instilling confidence in my students. The fact that they are in ESL means that they already speak another language, which is something to take great pride in! Many well-educated adults only speak one language, so for a child to be well on their way to a second, or third language is incredible. 


    One of the greatest things about being an ESL teacher is that I get to be exposed to so many different languages and cultures in my classroom. I place great importance on creating an atmosphere of inclusion and trust, where the diversity in our class is celebrated. A lot of assignments will be based on exploring cultural traditions, and I look forward to learning while I teach!


    Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I cherish the opportunity to get to know all my students and their families. 

    Dimitri Nessas