•  MHS PTSA Board of Directors 2021-2022


    President: Sharon Howard

    Treasurer:  Christine Witt 

    Recording Secretary:  Jocelyn Peña

    Vice Presidents: 

    Christine Zoffinger

    Leslie Hauben

    Christine Petrane- Director of Membership

    Nimisha Bhatt- Director of Grants

    Mita Bhattacharya- Director of Student Reps

    Jin Patel- Director of Communications

    Laurie Bleickardt/Janine Lacava- Director of Snack Sales


    At  the May 9th PTSA meeting, the following members were elected to the 2022-23 Executive Board.  Congratulations to all!!

    President: Jin Patel

    Treasurer: Christine Witt

    Secretary: Jocylen Peña

    Vice President: Christine Pertrane

    Vice President: Christine Zoffinger



Last Modified on May 18, 2022