Attention Seniors:

    Below are links to application forms for the 2021 United Scholarships and the 2021 PTSA Scholarships.

    The PTSA would like to recognize seniors who have made a positive contribution to the social, emotional, physical, cultural, or academic environment of MHS through their actions and activities. Scholarships are awarded based on your positive contributions to MHS; NOT academics or financial need.
    We will award a limited number of monetary scholarships.
    In 500 words or less, describe the positive contribution(s) you have made to MHS. We are looking for engaged members of the MHS community who may or may not be elected leaders.
    Each scholarship candidate may be required to participate in a mandatory 15-minute interview with our committee.
    If interviews are required this year, we will contact you in April via email.
    All applicants are required to be a member of the PTSA. Because our memberships are family memberships, if a parent has joined the PTSA this year, their student is also a member. You can find the membership form here If you need a membership waiver, please contact Corie Gaylord at cgaylord@mtsd.us.




    United Scholarship Application

    PTSA Scholarship Application


Last Modified on February 24, 2021