• 21st Century Life Skills & Financial Literacy

    6th Grade Cycle Course


    The Dash For Cougar Cash



    Welcome to the Cougar Dash for Cash Website, the second part of the LMS Survivor Challenge series. Each of you have been selected to compete in a problem-solving challenge of a lifetime. Having been rescued last year from the Island of Azul, you must now return to the real world and face newer challenges. The Dash for Cash Challenge is composed of several teams, which will be referred to as "families." Each family will be assigned members and a team color. Families will compete in a Life Skills competition on money and investing over a 10 day period.


    All players will receive $200 starting cash and a pawn piece to enter the game. Players may begin from any of four (4) starting points in the community and must make their way around the board.


    Throughout your journey, your family will need to work together to solve the problems that you encounter back here in the real world. These are known as the challenges. Each opportunity & challenge presents it's own risk and reward. The family with the highest net worth savings at the end of the ten days will be the winners of the Dash for Cash Challenge and will be rewarded accordingly by the Chairman of the Board.






    Overview & Rationale


    21st Century Life Skills & Financial Literacy is designed to strengthen a student's understanding of how a simple economy functions in our world. Students will participate in a simulated economy and learn the importance of education in career decisions, financial responsibility in managing money, setting goals in order to achieve success, and working collaboratively with others to achieve one's goals. This course seeks to implement the Standards 9.1, 9.2, and 9.3 as outlined in the 2009 New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards in their entirety. Link to Standards

Last Modified on November 24, 2015