• Carolyn Reilly
    5th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies

    Teacher email address: creilly@mtsd.us
    LMS Phone Number: 609-466-7604

    Update for Marking Period 4
      We have come to our final marking period of the school year. Students are improving their ability to follow directions carefully and use rubrics to guide their work, becoming more independent learners. Those who have focused their efforts in these areas are developing a sense of pride in themselves as students.
       In Language Arts students will continue using what they've been learning about analytic reading skills since September. We will be focusing our studies this marking period on the genre of fantasy. Fantasy is one of the most challenging genres for students to read, requiring students to deeply interpret and recognize symbolism. You should expect your child to be reading on a nightly basis and completing assignments in their Reader's Notebooks throughout the marking period according to the specified assignment sheet.
       In Social Studies, students will be learning about events in Colonial America which led to the Revolutionary War. Students will analyze events from various perspectives to understand not only the reasons why colonists were angered, but also to understand the motivations of King George and Parliament. Students should see that there are different points of view in all conflicts. 
       Our year will end with the LMS's traditional Heritage Day, a special celebration during which the 5th grade students put on a show, singing and dancing, for all of their invited family members. Students will also be working independently to complete projects related to their personal family heritage. These projects will be presented the day of our celebration. It's a day that should not be missed.
Last Modified on March 22, 2017