Jenny Egas
    Supervisor of World Languages and ESL
    (609) 466 7602  ext. 6322
    Mission Statement for World Languages:
     The World Language Department's misssion is to help every student grow into confident, compassionate, and successful learners. Our curriculum is based on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards so that we may prepare our students for a global society through engaging and challenging educational experiences in a student-centered environment.
    Vision for the World Language Department:
    It is necessary that students acquire knowledge of languages other than English so that they will be successful in college, various careers, and in the enjoyment of life. Learning another language affords students with the ability to unlock the secrets of unknown cultures that would have remained a mystery otherwise. The World Language Department utilizes best practices and research to guide its methodologies. The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards recommend utilizing instructional techniques that assist us in differentiating our instruction. By diversifying our means of engaging students and also providing a nurturing classroom experience, we are ensuring every child is known, valued, and respected. Our staff works collaboratively and creates a synergy of creative ideas to maximize the instrucional effectiveness of our programs. We create a learning community and try to impart a love of learning and cooperative spirit amoung the student body. We must always strive to make learning fun, engaging, and relevant. To this end, the community must feel welcome in the schools and share its knowledge of the realworld applications for acquiring a language other than English. The global society of today, and tomorrow, demands this.

     What should a World Language class in Montgomery look like?
    According to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS), whether it is a first grade class or an Advanced Placement course, the teacher should be speaking 95% of the time in the target language. The teaching methodologies should engage students through hands-on activities; acting out realworld scenarios; making the learning relevant to the students' current lives; utilizing formative assessment; and all assessment should be employing a mix of interpersonal, presentational, and interpretive modes of communication (Integrated Performance Assessments).

    Orchard Hill Elementary School

    Spanish 1st & 2nd grade
    Myrna Medina                mmedina@mtsd.us
    Gloria Stuart                    gstuart@mtsd.us

    Village Elementary School

    Spanish 3th & 4th grade

    Odenis Goris                     ogoris@mtsd.us
    Erica Disch                        edisch@mtsd.us

    Lower Middle School

    Spanish 5th & 6th

    Staci Anderson               stacianderson@mtsd.us
    Martha Ospina               mospina@mtsd.us

    Upper Middle School

    Spanish                        Jessica Giboyeaux                  jgiboyeaux@mtsd.us
    Spanish                         Lillian Johnson                          ljohnson@mtsd.us
    Spanish                        Alejandra Olivo                        aolivo@mtsd.us
    Spanish                         Susan Procida                          sprocida@mtsd.us
    French                          Nathalie Bogen                       nbogen@mtsd.us
    French                          Robin Friedman                       rfriedman@mtsd.us
    German                       Lale Saatchi                              lsaatchi@mtsd.us

    High School

    Chinese                                             Jenny Lu                                       jlu@mtsd.us
    French                                                Karen Beetham                         kbeetham@mtsd.us
    French                                                Ingrid Cousin                              icousin@mtsd.us
    French & Spanish                            Kimberly Marshall                      kmarshall@mtsd.us
    German                                             Karen Lee                                    klee@mtsd.us
    German & Spanish                         Victoria Woods                          vwoods@mtsd.us
    Italian & French & Spanish          Franca Beumee                         fbeumee@mtsd.us
    Latin                                                   Brian Beyer                                   bbeyer@mtsd.us
    Spanish                                              Susanne Asral                             sasral@mtsd.us
    Spanish                                              Eduardo Fernandez                 efernandez@mtsd.us
    Spanish                                              Elsa Licinski                                   elicisnki@mtsd.us
    Spanish                                              Eliana Molano                            emolano@mtsd.us
    Spanish                                              Zoya Pugh                                   zpugh@mtsd.us