• The Multicultural Outreach Committee is a joint committee among the PTA/PTO/PTSA to promote awareness of the rich cultural diversity in the Montgomery Township School District and to foster a closer relationship between the schools and the multicultural community.  Having one central committee not only permits efficient collaboration among these groups but allows parents who have children in multiple schools to volunteer in a manner that can benefit multiple schools.

    In addition to general members on the committee, there is a Chair from each PTA who acts as a liaison between the MOC and that PTA.  These Chairs work together determining the direction and priorities of the MOC.  The Chairs responsibilities include:

     ·      Communicates to her respective PTA information regarding activities, programs and concerns of the MOC and at the MOC meeting advises the committee of relevant school and PTA needs, activities and programs. For example, the MOC Chair can alert the committee of PTA programs that could use the support of the MOC, e.g. International Night’s need for multicultural craft or activity suggestions or materials. 

     ·      The MOC Chair also communicates with the Principal regarding multicultural school programs

     ·      The MOC Chair stays in contact with the ESL teacher to keep abreast of how the PTA may be supportive of the needs of ESL students and their families. The MOC, for example, maintains a district-wide list of bilingual parents willing to serve as volunteer translators to assist parents during parent-teacher conferences.  Last year, the MOC collaborated with the Asian Heritage Club at the high school to sponsor a hugely successful Asian food cooking class series open to the school as well as the community at-large. The MOC will be co-sponsoring this program again this year. 

     ·      The MOC Chair in collaboration with the he ESL host an end-of-year potluck dinner for ESL students and their families.

     ·      The MOC periodically hosts teas which is open to anyone interested in attending.  Our teas provide a wonderful opportunity to parents who may feel uncomfortable socializing at other PTA events because of limited English skills to practice their English, possibly speak in their primary language with other parents and learn more about the school community in a relaxed atmosphere. 

    ·      Lastly, this year the MOC hopes to sponsor a small discussion group on how cultural backgrounds influence the perspectives of what constitutes student success, how to achieve that success and the interaction among students, teachers and parents in the school community.

     The collective activities and efforts of all the school chairs are coordinated by the Senior Chair of the Multicultural Outreach Committee, Lexie Allen: lexie007_allen@yahoo.com