• Solar Energy Projects

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    The school district took advantage of a program being offered through the Somerset County Freeholders which would provide solar energy opportunities for schools and municipalities throughout the county on an application basis.          The school district had applied for solar panel installations at the High School, Upper Middle School, and Orchard Hill Elementary School.The County had awarded installation of solar panels for the three schools.These projects are being completed at no installation cost to the school district.The estimated construction value exceeds $11 million.The projects that have been initiated and are operational or near operational are as follows:
    • High School roof 1060 kW system (largest project in the county)MHS Solar


    • Upper Middle School carport 487 kW systemUMS Solar

    • Orchard Hill School carport 490 kW systemohes carport

    • Orchard Hill School roof 289 kW system ohes roof solar


    The estimated annual savings in energy costs is $250,000 for these projects.  The savings are achieved by paying approximately 4 cents per kWh used from the system which is significantly below the price that is paid through the utility which averages approximately 15 cents per kWh used.  Rather than being totally dependent upon the utility for electrical needs, we utilize the solar energy at a much lower cost to lower our needs through the utility.


    The County has also granted approval to expand our project at the High School to include two ground mounted systems that will be installed at the southern end of the property. The first installation is a ground mounted 551 kW project in the retention basin which is expected to provide an estimated annual savings of $63,000.  The second installation is a carport along a portion of the southern driveway which is a 261 kW project with an estimated annual savings of $29,000.  These projects will be initiated during the 2012-13 school year.


    The County has also initiated a second round of projects where the Lower Middle School was approved for a carport installation in two locations.  The combined carport installation is a 325 kW project with an estimated annual savings of $37,000.  It is expected that these projects will be completed by the end of the 2012 calendar year.