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    Science (Mrs. Barker) Monday November 4 TEST on the plants and Microscope Unit.  Check out Mrs. Barker's webpage for more review material.
    Algebra (Mrs. Scully) Monday 10/28 QUIZ on 2.2 and 2.3.  Know the properties
    LA (Mr. Fritz)  5 Paragraph Personal Narrative DUE Monday Oct. 28
    PCR Project assigned on 9/27/13 (create and explain a complete plotline)DUE 11/4....EXTRA POINTS if you hand it in early!!................also, read 15 minutes everyday :) 
    French (Mademoiselle Kotok) Always bring your 3 ring binder to class and review vocab and phrases every night. Practice phrases and vocab. EVERY NIGHT
    SS (Mrs. Kallens) Keep up your notebooks!!!! there will ALWAYS be a notebook check.