• Mid-Year IPA / Optional Voice Placements for 2016 - 2017

    Please read the following below which also contains directions to obtain IPA/Placement Results . . .  

    A Big Thank You!

    The directors would like to take a moment to thank you for your dedication, time and support in the MHS Choral Program.  It was a pleasure to work with you individually and be given the opportunity to hear your developing instrument and provide feedback.  We are all growing musicians and this is merely a moment along the life-long continuum of individual musicianship.

    Placement Process

    The placement process is unique to each year, each ensemble, and each individual performer.  As such, making the critical decision of personnel for each choir was made carefully and with immense discretion.  All prospective members for auditioned choirs were examined several times and a number of considerations were made including: pitch accuracy, rhythmic accuracy, breath control, tone, tonal memory, flexibility in negotiating registers, range and tessitura with regard to possible appropriate voice part assignment, balance of the potential ensemble they will take membership in, and level of preparation on the student’s behalf.  All this is very important to know for as results appear as an instantaneous event, the process in reaching them was done thoroughly and with care.

    Placements offer the opportunity for all to engage in a dialogue about growth and direction.  Regardless of the outcome, it is encouraged for you to reach out to us to further discuss the continued development of your voice - please do not wonder in silence.  Overall, the most important thing to consider is that the one should continue to healthfully sing as much as possible as this juncture in your life is when your voice (your one and only!) is most malleable in maturing.  It is also important to remember the value of having a choir - the community and group experience is the ultimate goal.  To view the results posting, please go to the MHS Vocal Ensembles main page. The .pdf link labelled Choir Placements 2016 - 2017 can be found at the bottom, below the “Program-Wide Information” section.    

    We laud your efforts and are, once again, privileged to work alongside you and look to continuing that experience here at Montgomery High School.

    - Mr. Woodworth & Ms. Makvana


Last Modified on September 7, 2016