On Tour in Italy and Austria
    At the Border of Italy and Austria, MHS Vocal Program on Tour with MHS Orchestra
    ABOUT US...
    The MHS Concert Choir is a come-one-come-all vocal ensemble.  It is open to any MHS student willing to give it a shot!  Make no mistake, we have our cake and eat it too - while NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE or audition is necessary, members get the opportunity to have an enjoyable, relaxed, and overall great time singing a huge variety of pieces, including plenty of pop.  Think about it - it's a once-a-day break from the stress of the world around you!  Yes, it really is worth it.
    There are many perks to taking choir during your time at MHS. 
    + Easy and fulfilling way to take care of your arts requirements for graduation.
    + Awesome social atmosphere - students from all grades get a chance to hang out and work together.
    + Completely ALTERNATIVE, fun, non-stressful learning experience.
    + Overnight Trips!  Prior performance trips include: Italy & Austria, Quebec and Montreal, and Williamsburg, and Boston.
    + Spring Music Concert @ Princeton University - one of the great music halls on the East Coast.

    The MHS Vocal Program also offers Choraliers, Vocal Jazz, and Men's Ensemble as extra-curricular music opportunities.  MHS Vocal students also have the opportunity to audition for Region II Choir and All-State choir each year.

    The yearly coffee houses are run by the vocal program and allow students both in and outside of choir perform whatever music they want in a low-key concert full of variety.

    Students who complete Concert Choir are also eligible to audition for Chamber Choir & Chorale the following year - a demanding, challenging and very rewarding vocal ensemble.  Please see the Chamber Choir page for more information!

    The easiest way to get a better picture is to contact the vocal director, Mr. Woodworth (jwoodworth@mtsd.k12.nj.us) if you have any questions or want more information about our awesome program.
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    Choir Member Information and Documents:
    Concert Choir Handbook - please print and/or complete the four assignments by their respective due date.

    Concert Choir Practice Tracks:
    Here you will find the required supplemental practice tracks for the repertoire we are studying.  These will aid you in practicing your parts outside of class and allow us to make progress more expeditiously.  Simply scroll over the link you want to download, RIGHT-CLICK and click "save as" or "save link as" and download them.  If you click on the link it will play through the website.  Don't just do this.  DOWNLOAD THEM AND TAKE THEM WITH YOU!
    IMPORTANT:  If you have an issue downloading successfully, please inform me immediately as you are now responsible for anything that has been uploaded to practice with.  Thank you! 
    Make sure you download all tracks needed for each composition, and then actually practice with them!!!!!:   
    1. Download your voice part track (ladies, be aware of the a2 and a3 divisi/split).
    2. Download the "Tutti" Track (if available).
    3. Download any other necessary track if needed. 
    Afternoon on a Hill - this piece's intro. and outro are a3 for the women, the middle / rest of the piece is a2.
    Oye - be aware that Section C is performed 4x, the song is in a2 for the women's voices.
    • 1x Alto
    • 2x Alto + Soprano
    • 3x/4x Tutti
    Oye - Soprano 
    Proud - this track ignores the opening solo and starts at m.18; also be aware of repeat signs and D.S. al Coda.
    The entire song is in a3 for the women's voice parts.
    Set Me as a Seal Upon Your Heart - this is in a2 for the women's voices.
    Sunday (Combined) - these are the vocal lines only, no accompaniment, the song is in a3 for the women's voices.

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