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Community "Thank You" from the Board of Education

July 9, 2021

To the Montgomery Township Community,

Each member of the Montgomery Board of Education wants to take a moment to congratulate and genuinely thank each and every one of you for a successful year.  We made it!  

This past school year has asked more of us than could be imaginable.  The COVID pandemic has required us to change the way we live our lives and how we educate our children.  Congratulations on completing the 2020-2021 school year.

Due to the constant changes to state, national and local requirements, we had to create new methods of educating children from March 2019 to now.  Thank you for working diligently to adjust to the continuous changes and your patience in not knowing what the school would be able to provide for students until a short time before we could implement the new rules.  Many of you worked from home while monitoring your children’s use of computers to attend school.  Having to create a different “homeschool”, babysitting and working was pushing yourselves beyond imaginable limits.  We all could not prepare for the consequences of isolated learning and limited human interaction on ourselves and our children.  Some excelled in this different environment and unfortunately, some suffered through learning loss and social emotional hardship of isolation and the lack of physical contact.  

We made decisions in the best interest of the safety of all those in our school system.  Educating our children changed to follow the rules and provide the best education possible given our limitations.  We understand this was a difficult and unprecedented task that could not satisfy everyone and could not meet every family’s needs. Our responsibility and intent was to keep everyone safe and educate to the best of our ability.  Given the hardships, we are appreciative of your adjusting to these limitations and are proud of our students for their resilience and grit in this time of crisis.

Our goal is a traditional, full-day, five-day a week school schedule in the fall.  We will focus and work toward attaining this goal.  But we do not know what the future holds.  New Federal and State decrees may require us to adjust the education process again.  We will keep you informed as soon as possible if conditions change. 

We hope you enjoy your summer and please embrace these glimmers of hope and happiness as we continue to evolve on this eventful journey towards brighter days, together. 


Best Wishes,

The Montgomery Board of Education

Phyllis Bursh Cookie Franco-Herman Christina Harris
Michael Morack, Jr. Richard Specht Zelda Spence-Wallace
Patrick Todd Shreesh Tiwari Antoine Yver