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A Message from the Montgomery Township School District Health Offices

As a nursing staff, we hope you are enjoying the last days of your summer break.  We are looking forward to seeing your students next week.  We are aware that many of our students have sought vaccinations.

The Montgomery Township Department of Health strongly encourages all students to get vaccinated.  Although this vaccine is not mandatory for our students, it can greatly decrease the possibility of quarantine in the case of Covid 19 exposure.   Vaccinated students deemed a close contact to a positive case do not have to quarantine at this time. Unvaccinated students identified as a close contact to a positive case will need to quarantine for 10 days with an option to test out (test negative day 5-7 days post exposure and asymptomatic may return after 7 days of quarantine post exposure).

The point of emphasis is that current CDC guidance states that vaccinated students do not have to quarantine. 

Vaccination Status

Montgomery High School is requesting that if your child has been vaccinated, to please let us know.  You can do this by sending a copy of your child’s vaccination card to our school nurses at:

If you have not already done so, we are requesting that you send this information so we can maintain accurate medical records. 


Thank you.