Boys' BBall Tips vs Del Val

Posted by Ian Delaney on 12/20/2011 12:00:00 PM

Welcome to the 2011-2012 season of Montgomery basketball. Once again, Montgomery senior Ian Delaney will give you the live blow-by-blow of what's going on during Montgomery basketball on Glock's Blogs.

Tonight, the Cougs tipoff against Delaware Valley at 7 p.m.
First Quarter:
Montgomery-5  Del Val-9
Del Val draws first blood about one minute into the game on a foul-line jumper. The Cougars strike back instantly, working the ball in the paint for a quick two. Jacket is off three minutes into the game, with the Cougars down 4-2. Halfway through the first quarter, Del Val leads 4-3. Tim Maloney picks up his second foul with about 3:30 left in the quarter, and is forced to take a seat. Several turnovers and solid defense have been the themes of this game as well as several missed shots. Montgomery has  been getting a lot of good looks but have not been able to finish. They have forced several turnovers as well, which shows that they have been playing good defense.
Second Quarter:
Montgomery-22 Del Val-22
The quarter opens up with both teams turning the ball over, and a Del Val free throw. Johnson gets the first field goal of the first quarter followed by a solid fastbreak, ending with a Maloney lay-up. The Cougars trail by one with a score of 10-9. Out of the Del Val timeout, Montgomery gives up a field goal, increasing the deficit to three. A sudden flury of scoring leads to the Cougars still being down by one, but finally showing signs of life on offense. 15-14 with 4:06 left. After about another minute, Del Val comes up with two more followed by a Cougar bucket. Montgomery finally takes the lead with a fastbreak, finishing with another Johnson lay-up. Del Val is up by four now after hitting a few well-earned jumpers, coming off of solid offensive execution. The second quarter brought on better offense by the Cougars, but also sacrificed some of the defensive intensity shown by them in the first. While Montgomery was down for most of the half, they managed to fight back and tie the game up with a last-second shot by Maloney in the post to beat the buzzer.  
Third Quarter: 
Montgomery-43 Del Val-26
The Cougars are first to score in the second half, with a Brandon Solomon three. Del Val comes right back with another nice jumper from the corner. The Cougars have not been able to convert on many of their lay-ups which is the main reason they only leas by three five minutes into the third quarter. Both teams have limited the give-aways, but only the Cougars seem to be profiting from this, as they midway through the third quarter lead 32-24. Once again they have been able to ignite their offense at the start of the quarter, enabling them to get the lead. Montgomery continues to knock down shots, and have no stepped up their defense, leading to the Cougars 12 point lead with just under two minutes to play. With about a minute left in the third, the Cougars continue on their run, with them now leading by 14. With Del Val unable to stop the Cougars the entite quarter, they fell to an astounding 21-4 run.
Fourth Quarter:
Montgomery-60 Del Val-39
Montgomery continues their run, opening up with two straight field goals. More of the same here; Del Val has no answers on offense or defense, as the Cougars keep scoring and Del Val continues to have no answer. The Cougars have gotten a but careless with their execution, accumulating a few turnovers a sparking a small Del Val 6-0 run, but it appears superfluous, as the Cougars still hold a 17 point lead halfway through the quarter. Still all the same here, as Montgomery still leads by 17 with two minutes left in the game. Montgomery started the game out fairly slow, but compensated for this by beating out the Terriers 38-17 in the second half. The Cougars did this by limiting their turnovers and hitting their shots in the second half. Their defense was fairly solid throughout, but they did not start hitting their shots until the second half. Del Val was completley powerless in the second half to stop the Cougars' offense, and by contrast could not find their groove themselves. The Cougars take this one in a convincing 21 point victory and move to a record of 2-0.