Boys BBall vs Somerville - Jan. 31st

Posted by Keith Glock on 1/31/2012 12:00:00 PM

Tonight, the Montgomery Cougars square off in the Cougar den, as they take on Somerville on this tuesday night. We are just about ready to go as Montgomery will take on the Pioneers.
End of First Quarter: Montgomery-12 Somerville-11
 The game starts out with a quick Cougar two by Justin Kovacevich, and then a three pointer by Kevin Johnson, to grab the early 5-0 lead two minutes into the game. Early on, Montgomery has been near flawless as they lead 7-0 about 2 and-a-half minutes into the game. They're not letting the pioneers get into any kind of rhythym, but the Cougars themselves have been knocking on all cylinders themselves. Somerville have started to get into a bit of a flow here as they have scored a couple of buckets, and have forced some turnovers. The Pioneers have settled into a solid rhythm now, as they have been getting to the rim at will and have been converting their free throws. They have brought the game to 9-8, now only trailing by one. Ever since Somerville have made their run, both teams have been trading baskets and the score sits at 12-8 with 2:20 to go in the quarter. The Pioneers hit their first three of the game as well with two minutes to go and now are only down by one. Somerville have been throwing solid defense at the Cougars, and it has flustered the home team as they have commited numerous turnovers, and their overall play has become sloppy.
Halftime- Montgomery-17 Somerville-24
Somerville score first on two free throws and have taken their first lead of the game and the score goes to 12-13, in favor of Somerville. The turnovers just keep piling up for the Cougars, as their offense has looked very stagnant, as they cannot find any sort of rhythm. When they do get shots up, they're always contested and quickly put up. The Cougars have broken this offensive dry spell, by working to get an open three for Kovacevich. On que, the Pioneers respond with a three of their own and take back the three point lead, making the score 18-15. Somerville are able to extend their lead to five with a two of their own and make it 20-15. Somerville keep rolling, now leading by seven. The Cougars have looked perplexed, as theyt cannot seem to figure out the Pioneer defense. With 1:30 to go, they trail by seven and have only scored three points. The Cougars have given up far too many offensive rebounds and this is the chief reason they are down. Most of the points Somerville have amassed have come off of the offensive glass. For most of the second quarter, the Cougars have looked utterly lost as they could not find any groove on the offensive end. It also seemed as if the rim had a lid on it for them, as they could not knock down any shots. Granted, they haven't been able to get off many shots because they have been turning the ball over so much on offense. The defense has not been too much better as the Cougars have given up far too many offensive rebounds, allowing Somerville to easily put-in layups for easy buckets.  
End of third Quarter: Montgomery-37 Somerville-37
The third quarter starts out with a Pionerr turnover which could smell a run for the Cougars. Justin Kovacevich starts the Cougars off offensivley by knocking down a solid three. Somerville, however, come back back with and easy two, to extend the lead to six. Somerville come back with two more points making the score 28-20 in their favor. A three by Somerville give them and 11 point lead now. At the same time, Montgomery look stagnant again, not being able to get into an offensive rhythm, making it very hard to cut into this Pioneer lead. With five minutes to go, Somerville lead by nine, but the Cougars have made improvements and look more poised to take the game back. After a few hustle points, Montgomery now only trail by seven. Montgomery take a quick timeout with about three minutes to go in the quarter, as they now trail by seven, but are playing much better. 36-29. With two more free throws, the Cougars now only trail by five to Somerville. Montgomery now continue their impressive comeback, now only trailing by two with a minute to go in the third period. 36-34. Montgomery has completly grasped all momentum, as they have taken the lead at 37-36 once again coming off of a Kovacevich three. Montgomery have seized this game as they are now tied going into the final quarter.
End Of game: Montgomery-54 Somerville-45
Montgomery re-take the lead one minute into the final quarter, coming off of a Tim Maloney lay-up off of the fastbreak. 39-37 is now the score. The Cougars have turned up their defense, as the Pioneers are scoreless two minutes into the period. Their dry spell continue after missing two free throws that could have tied it up. The lead is now upped to four off of two more points scored by Tim Maloney, which causes the Pionners to call a timeout to talk it over. Score is 41-37 with 5:13 to go. Somerville turn it over again, leading to two more points scored by Maloney increasing the lead now to six. Somerville are still scoreless halfway throught the quarter. They finally come up with two points of their own bringing the lead down to four. With two minutes to go the lead sits at eight as the Cougars lead 47-39. The buckets keep on coming for the Cougars as they score again and lead by 8. Their lead, however, is cut to six by a quick Pioneer bucket. Out of the Somerville timeout the Cougars come up with two more points to bring the lead back up to eight. 51-43 is now the score. Montgomery will take the win here in a close one. The Cougars take this one in comeback style as well, trailing for most of the second and third quarters. The picked up their game on both ends of the court and this is the reason they were able to take this one. At times they looked fairly sloppy and pretty helpless at times, but were able to grab the win by fighting back and taking this one. It was also a great team effort, as multiple players made multiple clutch plays to grab this victory in the Cougar den.