Montgomery Township School District

Lunch Menus

School meals are planned by registered dietitians to reflect the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Student and parent preferences are also used in planning menus. Low cost, nutritious lunches are served in every school. 
For information on setting up a debit account as an alternative to cash to pay for your child(ren)'s lunch, click on Payment Account Management. 
Click on the dates below to access the menus. (Current menus are now listed on top)

Orchard Hill Village School

Lower Middle

Upper Middle

High School
6-1 to 6-236-1 to 6-236-1 to 6-23 6-1 to 6-23 
5-1 to 6-5
5-1 to 5-29


$2.25 $2.90 $2.90 to $4.95


Last Modified on June 3, 2015
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