Board of Education: Agendas on SchoolBoard.Net

  • The Montgomery Township Board of Education uses a service to share documents. This includes making previous and upcoming meeting agendas available to the public.  Several days prior to a Board of Education meeting, the agenda and related documents will be posted to "".  In addition, an email is sent to all "subscribers" containing direct links to a webpage where all documents relevant to the upcoming meeting are shared.

    There are no user accounts for the general public, however from the MTSD splash page, even without an account, you may:

    • Become a subscriber, to all MTSD notifications.  To do this you must click on this MTSD link, where you will be allowed to enter your email address to begin receiving notifications.
    • View all published BOE meeting agendas with all supporting documents for past & upcoming meetings Splash page for MTSD

    **Note: ONLY the Board of Education has logon credentials to; the general public simply "subscribes" to receive email notifications and has access to the BOE documents without logging on.