• Greetings!

    My name is Mr. Regner and I will be serving as your child’s social studies educator. 7th grade social studies takes students on a trip around the world during the Medieval Era (500-1500CE). We will be visiting various kingdoms throughout Europe, Arabia, China, Japan, Africa, and the Yucatán Peninsula.

    UMS has provided parents with 24/7 access to their child’s gradebook for current grades and upcoming assignments. We will also use Google Classroom as much as possible. I will mainly be using my Google Classroom to keep in touch with students. Here I may post additional resources, assignments, take home assessments, etc. To get onto the Google Classroom, go to classroom.google.com. Log in using your child’s @MTSD email account.

    I am attempting to go as paperless as possible. However, we are still figuring out what that looks like. Therefore, students will need the following:

    - A charged Chromebook

    - Headphones

    - One binder (no need for one larger than 1/2 an inch) or an individual section within a bigger binder.

    - One folder

    - Paper

    - Writing utensils (pens and pencils)

    Feel welcome to contact me. All of my contact information is provided below. Thank you for all you do as parents and I look forward to getting to know you and your children.

    • Email: jregner@mtsd.us

    • FLEX: B-Days in room B214. 

    • After School: Wednesday from 3:05-4:05pm in room B214

    • Football Club: Tuesdays after school during the first semester
    • Basketball Club: Tuesdays after school during the second semester

    Best regards,

    Mr. Regner

    “Wealth is of the heart and mind. Not the pocket.”