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    • Name - Brian Grieco

    • Contact Information: email- bgrieco@mtsd.us and district phone number- 609-446-7602 x6581

    • Afterschool Help is on Tuesday's in room E-2316. 

    CP Physics- (5 credits) Physics is a college preparatory, laboratory science designed for students in the ninth grade who seek a conceptual understanding and skills in physics.  This course will incorporate basic mathematical applications, relying on multiple representations to describe the physical world.  Students will be expected to utilize basic arithmetic, proportional reasoning, graphing and algebra to represent the physical situations mathematically.  The appropriate NJ State and National Standards will be addressed so as to raise the level of student discourse and develop essential scientific reasoning skills.  This physics course will initiate a theme of energy that will continue in chemistry, followed by biology.  This course is open to all students. 

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