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    to Design Technology!
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    7th Grade - Introduction to Engineering Design
     This course will focus on giving students the opportunity to create, construct, and evaluate their own design work while managing time, materials, tools and processes. Students will apply mathematics and science principles in the construction of a Balsa wood bridge that is constructed to be the most efficient design. To study mechanisms, students will explore the use of simple machines be constructing a mousetrap powered vehicle that is designed to travel to a pre•determined distance. The creative design process will be used in all activities so students will develop better problem solving and critical thinking skills.
    8th Grade - Invention and Innovations
    This elective is designed to increase problem solving and design skills. Inventions & Innovations/Set Design is an elective, which revolves around design, hand drawing, modeling and prototyping of inventions and innovations. This course will provide the opportunity for students to study technology as the creative design process in areas of transportation, energy systems, manufacturing, and construction. Students will work collaboratively with the Fine Arts students on many projects including the designing and fabrication of the set for the spring production.