• Montgomery Upper Middle School

    Physical Education Grading System


    1)     Preparation 30%

    a.       Gum/Jewelry: 1st time is a warning, 2nd time will lose 10%, 3rd time lose 20% but will not lose participation points.

    b.      Clothes: 1st time lose 30%  can participate if clothed appropriately

                  2nd time lose 30% can participate if clothed appropriately

                  3rd time lose 100% and complete other article/book work

    c.        Unprepared but participating work includes: acting as score keeper, official, equipment set up

    d.      Unprepared for/after the third time will result in the students completing bookwork or reading relevant articles.  Can adjust

    e.      Students who are unprepared can still earn 70% of the daily percentage points


    2)      Effort/Participation  40%

    a.       Students are actively engaged throughout class period.  Students are giving maximum effort and attention throughout the class period

    b.      Students are to remain focused and attentive during class instruction and demonstrations


    3)      Sportsmanship/Teamwork  30%

    a.       Students must work as a team

    b.      All students are expected to use proper language

    c.       All students will be attentive listeners and communicators.

    d.      Students will have opportunities as leaders in the classroom through the Sport Education Model.