• UMS Procedures for Requesting Recommendations

    Dear Parents and 8th Graders,

     As you know, eighth grade is the gateway to high school, and as such, is the time when some students become interested in applying to private schools.  Since that application process entails gathering recommendations from various staff members, we would like to explain our guidelines. 
    • Writing a thoughtful, accurate recommendation takes a significant amount of time and is beyond the realm of our professional responsibilities.  Therefore, it cannot take precedence over our regular duties. 
    • Please begin the process by sending us an email that explains that you plan to apply to a private school and that requests that we write a recommendation. 
    • After receiving our response, supply us with either the link (for online applications) or an addressed, stamped envelope and the form.
    • Allow at least two to three school weeks from the time that you give us the application to the time when you would like us to submit it.
    • Be cognizant of the time involved if you are requesting more than one recommendation.  We are able to commit to two per student; after everyone’s requests have been met, we may consider accepting more.
    • Once you have confirmed that we have submitted the form, follow up by sending us an email of acknowledgement.
    Thank you, and good luck!