UMS Prerequisites for English 9 Honors

    93% average for Marking Periods 1 & 2 in 8th grade Language Arts and a score of Advanced on the high school placement test administered to all 8th grade students prior to course selection.
    • Students who earn a 90-92% average of MP1 and MP2 grades in 8th Grade Language Arts are eligible to participate in the waiver process.
    • Students who are eligible to waive into honors will be given a link to the waiver application when they meet with the high school counselors for scheduling. Students will need to complete and submit the application by 5pm on April 26th.  

    * Please note that to qualify for World Studies Honors, you must first qualify for English Honors.
    Students must meet the course prerequisite at the time of course selection in order to enroll in a given course, and must continue to meet the prerequisite through the remainder of the current school year in order to remain eligible for the course. The same expectation will be applied to students who are granted waivers into a given course. Student’s average must not fall below their average at the time of waiver approval for the remainder of the current school year to remain eligible for a given course. If a student fails to maintain the expected average for a course by the end of the current school year, they will be removed from enrollment in the course.