French 1A Part 1

  • In this course, students progress towards the ACTFL and state standards novice-mid proficiency level. Students will be assessed regularly in the three modes of communication: interpersonal (unscripted conversation in order to complete a task), interpretive (reading, listening, viewing decoding), and presentational (rehearsed and revised oral and written products). Focus is on developing practical communication skills while making comparisons and connections to their own language and culture.

    Thematic units include a variety of interactive activities to help build competency and to allow students to demonstrate mastery of language and cultural concepts in modalities that are age-appropriate and accessible to a variety of learners.

    Topics covered:

    • Getting to Know Each Other
    • What I Like
    • My School Life
    • My Family

    Course Objectives:

    1. To develop competence in cultural exchanges with the language-related ethnic groups;

    2. To use written and spoken language at the ACTFL novice-mid  level in a variety of familiar situations and contexts;

    3. To strengthen knowledge and application of foundational language structures needed for successful acquisition and continued, upper-level study.