• My name is Kelly Ferrante and I have been teaching in Montgomery for 18 years.  I graduated from Rider University with my degree in Biology and Elementary Ed in 2004.  For my first teaching job, I was a maternity leave replacement in Branchburg NJ.  It was a wonderful experience and I was very sad when it ended.  Then I was hired in Montgomery in August of 2005 and I have been here ever since!  I feel blessed to work in such a wonderful district.  I taught 7th grade science until September 2012 when I started teaching both 7th and 8th grade science.  I really enjoyed teaching both grade levels!  In 2016 I started teaching 8th grade science only and I really like both the curriculum and the age level of my students.  
            I feel that teaching is one of the most exhausting but rewarding professions you could be in.  Even though I do the same thing five times a day, each class brings with it a different perspective and attitude.  I would not want to do anything else in life!
            Science was always my favorite subject in school and in high school I found myself tutoring my friends in science class.  Biology has always interested me the most and that’s why I chose it as my major.  I also met my husband in high school and we got married in 2006.  In 2011, we welcomed our daughter Kaleigh to our family.  In 2016 we were blessed with our second daughter Emma.  Motherhood is certainly challenging but so rewarding!  I talk about my girls all the time in class, as my students will tell you!


    When people find out that I teach middle school science, they always look at me like I am crazy.  To be honest, I love teaching middle school students!  They are mature enough that I can joke around and let my sarcastic personality show and yet young enough that they are still kids.  I try to bring my sense of humor everyday into the classroom.  I think if they are laughing at me a little, it makes the climate of the classroom more conducive to learning!