Welcome to Mrs. Randolph's 
    Social Studies Class
    Each student enters the classroom bringing a unique set of experiences. My goal is to become acquainted with these experiences and provide diverse methods of teaching to meet the needs of all learners in an environment that is supportive and challenging. I believe becoming acquainted with my students is a two-way process so I will begin our acquaintance by sharing a bit of who I am.
    I grew up in a small farm town in Wisconsin, the youngest of five children. Each summer my family would pack up the station wagon (no mini-vans in those days) and travel across this vast, beautiful country of ours. Through these trips I developed a love of history, national parks and the diversity of this nation - both in its people as well as its geography.
    I have always been intrigued by words. I like how they look, how they sound and how when combined they form ideas. It’s not a surprise that I am an avid reader, writer and enjoy public speaking. This love of language inspired me to obtain a degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin. I used my writing and language background with my creative side to work in advertising. I began my career in Dallas and later worked in New York City. My coursework and advertising career taught me to “think on my feet,” sift through information to get at the important facts and communicate both orally and on paper in a succinct, organized fashion. These valuable skills acquired in my journalism and business background are still used in my profession today.
    I “retired” from advertising after thirteen years to start a family with my husband. Four children later, I decided to channel my interests and love of children into teaching and never looked back. I substitute taught in the district for a few years prior to obtaining my certification from Rider University.  Prior to this assignment, I taught Reading Support and 5th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies. 
    I reside in the district and am especially proud of my four children who are all graduates of Montgomery schools.  I look forward to meeting you and beginning our journey of learning together this year!
Last Modified on August 23, 2023