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    Drawing & Computer Graphics is an art class that is an introductory experience in creating art with the use of computers. Students will learn the foundations of the artistry of computer graphics such as the elements & principles of art and design, composition, typography, color and photo retouching within the context of Adobe Creative Suite programs. 
    Ms. Zimmer's 8th grade Printmaking course introduces students to the production of multiple images from a single design. Emphasis is on design and creative use of the materials and techniques of the relief, monoprint, and silkscreen printing processes.
    This cycle course allows all 7th grade students the opportunity to explore their creativity through painting, drawing, sculpting, and other artistic media. Students will learn about famous artists, how art has impacted various cultures, the skills and techniques to be a successful artist, and how to think creatively and visually about the design process. Students are given the freedom to design their projects in a manner that reflects their individual personality and interests.
    Extra help day is Thursdays in room F103.
    Flex is Thursdays or Fridays in room F103
    7th grade 1st Flex on A day; 8th grade 1st Flex on B day
    Please contact me by email: dzimmer@mtsd.us