• Ms. Winer
    Grade 4 
    **HOMEWORK:  other than weekends, please find daily homework in your child's agenda book.  On  most nights, your child will have a math sheet which will review current and previous concepts, and 20-25 minutes of reading.  Some nights, students will have a reading/writing assignment that goes along with our reading unit.  Quizzes/tests will be announced days in advance. 
    What are we working on? 
     Math:  Multiplication - including factors and introducing prime and composite numbers.  Students have been practicing 2 by 2 digit multiplication and estimate products to accept or reject our answers.  FACTS are important.
    Science = We have begun our motion and design units.  Students are engaging in investigations that are based around FAIR testing.  They are questioning, hypothesizing, observing, recording and concluding.  This unit is so much fun.  The students love to experiment with motion using the vehicles they have created with K-Nex and testing laws of motion.
    Reading:  We are focusing on characterization through realistic fiction stories.  The book we are reading in class is called TIGER RISING and Kate DiCamillo, the author, beautifully demonstrates strong characterization through actions, dialogue, and description.
    Writing:  We have launched our first writing unit - Arc of Story.  Students will write a realistic fiction story, focusing on the HEART of the story (what it's really about - friendship, making hard choices, fear, pride, etc).  They are using much of what we learn in writing about characterization in their writing.  The students are learning to incorporate DANT in their writing (Dialogue, Action, Narration and Thought).  
    Spelling:  After a lot of assessing to get the groupings, the students are just starting their spelling groups.  Tests will be on Fridays, and the students will be expected to not only spell the words correctly, but be able to name the sort/letter pattern as well.  For example, if they are learning words that end in either "tch" or "ch," they will take the test by putting them in two proper groups.  
    WE are always focusing on treating each other with respect.  Please have conversations at home with your children and continually remind them that we should always care for each other.