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    Montgomery Special Education PTA Mission Statement
    Our Mission:

    The Montgomery Special Education PTA (MSEPTA) is a district-wide organization designed to build strong partnerships amongst teachers, parents, administration, existing PTA’s, and the community so that children receiving special education services of any kind will be better understood, integrated and embraced by our school and community.

    Goals and Objectives:

    • MSEPTA devotes itself to enhancing the educational experience of all children receiving special education services by providing additional support, opportunities and programs necessary to further enhance the enrichment experience of all children receiving special education services.
    • MSEPTA is dedicated to bringing parents and teachers together to create a unified network of information and support for both parents and teachers involved in Special Education through the development of workshops, support groups, newsletters, and website.
    • MSEPTA believes that it takes a strong community to support strong special education programs and dedicates itself to promoting positive and productive interactions that foster understanding and unity.

    We propose doing this by:

    • Increasing parent and community awareness of special education through a series of educational programs
    • Promoting increased communication between parents, administration, and teachers
    • Providing additional and appropriate cultural, social, and physical enrichment programs
    • Searching for the most interesting and useful resources available
    • Providing timely and relevant information via our website and newsletter

    Here is how you can help:

    • Join MSEPTA by completing the following form: Membership Form
    • Email us at montysepta@gmail.com and let us know what information would be helpful to you so we can plan the most appropriate programs.
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