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    BAND INFORMATION 2020-2021


    Instrument Presentation


    Timeline of Events:

    - During the first 2 weeks of school, I will hold google meets with each 4th grade class and speak to those students who have already signed up to help to finalize instrument selections.

    - After those meets, I will input each child's instrument selection into Genesis so that you can confirm this selection and grant permission for your child to participate. 

    - After you have confirmed your child's selection, I will send you detailed information about how to rent an instrument and how to purchase the necessary lesson book and supplies. 

    - Once you have rented the instrument, it will be delivered to the school.  I will check to make sure each instrument has all of the necessary components and when needed, prepare the instrument so that it is ready for instruction.

    - Once the instruments have been verified, we will schedule a date for you to come pick up your child's instrument and supplies. 



    - Students will attend a 30 minute small group lesson once per week during the school day.  They will be pulled out of an academic class for this lesson. 

    - These lessons will occur on google meets during virtual instruction and in the band room at VES during in person instruction.

    - It is likely that a few lessons will occur before the instruments arrive.  We will need this time to learn fundamental musicianship skills.

    - I will be in touch with you about the lesson schedule after all students have confirmed their instrument choice and I have had time to coordinate a lesson schedule with the classroom teachers.  I expect that we will begin lessons around the last week in September.


    Assignments and Practice Expectations

    - Students will be expected to join a google classroom to receive and turn in assignments.  I will give you the google classroom information once the lesson schedule is finalized.

    - You will be able to see the weekly assignments and practice expectations in your child's google classroom.

    - Students should plan to develop a DAILY practice routine for at home practice.  

    - For most of the school year, 20 minutes each day, or 140 minutes each week is expected, though this time will be shorter during the first few weeks.

    - Students will be expected to record their practice minutes on a practice record each day, though this won't begin right away. 

    - That 20 minutes will cover all assignments for the week.  While most assignments throughout the year will be focused on practice and repetition (on the instrument or practice of rhythmic or note reading skills), there will be some written or recorded assignments to turn in.  Any time that your child spends completing these assignments "counts" toward those practice minutes. 


    Before School Rehearsals:

    Traditionally, students have attended 1-2 rehearsals before school each week to learn how to play together in a group.  These rehearsals have taken place from 8:20-9:20.  Until it is safe to do so, we will not be holding these rehearsals because they involve larger groups of students.   We are currently exploring whether or not we will be able to do this virtually.  If we can, we will be in touch with more information. 



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