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    Our wonderful teachers and related-arts staff are once again offering VES students the chance to be a Teacher for the Day or the VIP Guest of a related- arts teacher!

    Raffle tickets are $5 each, or 5 for $20 and 10 for $35. Completed raffle tickets and cash or a check made out to MES PTA should be sent in via backpack mail by Wednesday, May 29th. The winners will be chosen LIVE on the Friday, May 31st broadcast of the VES News.

    How it works:

    1. Students may only purchase tickets for their current classroom or any of the related arts teachers or principals.

    2. There is no limit to the number of tickets a student may buy.

    3. Provide the student’s name, grade, teacher’s name, and parent’s email on the lines provided. Then select which

      teacher they want to win. Do this on EACH ticket you purchase.
      Only one student per ticket and one teacher per ticket, please.

    4. Students may not share a prize. Please buy separate tickets for each of your children.

    5. Cut out your tickets and send them to school in an envelope marked “Teacher For The Day

      Raffle” with cash or a check made out to the MES PTA for the number of tickets purchased. Note

      discount prices above.

    6. All payments must be submitted by Wednesday, May 29th.

    7. If you need more tickets, simply photocopy the raffle ticket page or download and print more from our MES PTA Facebook page.

      TEACHER FOR THE DAY drawings will be held on

      Friday, May 31st on the VES NEWS.
      The winners will be “Teachers for the Day” on Friday, June 14th.
      They will also receive a custom “TEACHER FOR THE DAY" badge to wear on the day so everyone knows that they are our raffle winners.

      Support our teachers and our school.

      All money raised will be used by your MES PTA to support our schools, so please start lling out those raffle tickets! We wish you the best of luck!


    If you have any questions please email Angela Sgro at angela.sgro@gmail.com or Donna Ligor at dclawnurse@aol.com.

    For raffle tickets click here.

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