Language Arts & Social Studies in Montgomery

  • Our Vision

    Students in the Montgomery Township School District will exit our
    school community with both the skill and the will to communicate through
    the language arts in a variety of forms and for a variety of purposes.

    The Language Arts program in Montgomery Township Schools seeks to develop student abilities in reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing. Curriculum is developed in each of these areas to meet the changing needs of our students from kindergarten through grade twelve. A detailed view of the curriculum for each grade level is provided through the District Curriculum link on the website home page.

    K-4 Language Arts / Social Studies Supervisor

    Mrs. Amy Monaco ( x1373

    5th-8th Language Arts / Social Studies Supervisor

    Mr. Scott Ramsay ( x4890

    9th-12th English Supervisor

    Mrs. Karen Stalowski ( x6220

    9th-12th Social Studies Supervisor

    Mrs. Tyniesha Douglas ( x6268