• Art for Third and Fourth Graders

     The Art Program for third and fourth graders continues to use a wide variety of materials and activities. This program involves the students in basic art experiences focused around art history, production, aesthetics and criticism. At this level, students will engage in drawing, painting, design, sculpture, crafts, printmaking and pottery. Emphasis is on direct learning such as the sensory, tactile and emotional satisfaction in handling and manipulating the materials. Students are always encouraged to use the imaginations and bring a personal touch to their artwork.

     The concepts of line, color, shape, texture and pattern are reinforced while new concepts are introduced such as unity, balance, variety, contrast, and emphasis. Artist reproductions as well as cultural artifacts and books are used to motive each lesson and, in return, inspire students to create their own interpretation of the suggested theme.

     Art is a subject that builds creativity, imagination and skills that can be used to enhance child development in all subject areas. The art program at VES provides your child with the needed experiences and activities that will stimulate their creative growth.


Last Modified on August 8, 2005