Early Childhood Center (Pre-K) Drop-off & Pickup

    • All parents dropping off Pre-K students should do so in the parking lot adjacent to the ECC building. Please click here for a map depicting the location of the pickup/drop-off area.
      • Once parked, please walk your student along the sidewalk to the main entrance of the ECC.
      • Please avoid entering from the front parking lot, as this will be designated for buses and Kindergarten students.

    Main Campus Drop-off

    • Kindergarten Drop-off is at the west gym by the circle parking lot on Burnt Hill Road from 9:25 am to 9:35 am when staff is present.
    • Grades 1 and 2 Drop-off is the East Gym by the main parking lot from 9:25 am to 9:35 am when staff is present. If you are the parent of multiple grade level students, please choose the drop off site that works best for your family. It is not expected that you drive to multiple sites to drop off your children.
    • Cars are not permitted in the bus lanes in front of the school between 8:35 and 9:35 am as this creates a traffic and safety hazard for students during arrival.   Please do not pass a bus that is loading/unloading children at any time.

    Main Campus Pick-up

    • Parent Pick-up at the end of the day is on the EAST SIDE ONLY at 3:50 pm via our East Gym.  Please park in the solar panel lot and enter the building through the double doors along the front of the school.  For the safety of our students and staff, adults picking up may be asked to produce identification at any time.  We recommend carrying a photo ID at all times.
    • All students require a dated note with parent/guardian signature.  If an adult who is not listed as an emergency contact in Genesis is to pick up the child(ren), then he/she must be named in the note and will be asked to produce identification upon pick-up. Please send a note to your child’s teacher in the morning if you plan on picking up your child in the afternoon or if your child is attending an after school activity.  Without a note, children will be sent to their buses.

    Change in Student Dismissal

    • Changes in regular dismissal, after school activities, and parent pick up require a dated note from the parent or guardian to the classroom teacher at the beginning of the day. 
    • Midday and end of day dismissal changes and pickup requests can be disruptive to instruction and are difficult to honor as dismissal information is confirmed early in the day.
      • If you need to make a change in your child’s dismissal plan during the day, please call the main office at 609-466-7605 before 3:15 pm. Communicating changes to the main office instead of the classroom teacher helps to ensure an organized and safe dismissal. Additionally, please contact your after-school child care organization.
      • Any changes in dismissal plans received after 3:30pm cannot be honored.

    Additional Important Information

    If signing out a child after 3:00 pm you must park in the main parking lot. Do not park in front of the school as buses arrive during this time to prepare for dismissal.