• Science.inc will be hosting the inaugural 2023 Science EXPO on June 10.

    Please see below for more details 

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Science Expo

  • Science Expo 
  • Science Expo 2023 Guidelines


    Please read the following rules and regulations if you are interested in participating in the 2023 Science Expo. The Science Expo is an event where individuals or small groups can design an experiment, model, build, etc. along with a visual presentation. The Science Expo will take place  on June 10th at the MHS Commons. For any further inquiries, please email one of the following addresses: anish.dhal@mtsdstudent.us, anshu.cherukumilli@mtsdstudent.us, mira.sridhar@mtsdstudent.us, devraj.dutta@mtsdstudent.us.


    • Eligibility:

      • Anybody in the Montgomery School District from grades 3-12 can participate in the Science Expo
      • Group sizes can range from 1-5 people (For any concerns regarding group size, please contact the aforementioned email accounts)
    • Applications:

      • One person from each group must fill out the 2023 Science Expo Sign Up Form
      • Payment details will  be personally emailed to all applicants at a later time
      • All applications must be submitted by May 19 (If it is after the due date and you would still like to participate, please contact the aforementioned email accounts)
    • Divisions:

      • There will be 3 divisions based on your school
        • LMS Division: grades 5-6
        • UMS Division: grades 7-8
        • MHS Division: grades 9-12
    • Project Topics:

      • Please have the topic of your presentation be related to science or STEM
      • If you are unsure about what you would like your project to be about, here are some tips:
        • Answer a question that you have or invent a solution a real life problem
        • Create an experiment or model to answer your question
      • If you are unsure if your project fits under these guidelines, please contact the aforementioned email accounts
    • Physical Project:

      • Please bring a presentation that explains your project and thought process
        • Your project must be able to stand straight on a table (Tri-folds are highly recommended). Table space will be provided, Wall space will NOT be provided
        • If making a digital presentation, please bring your own electronic device (a portable battery is highly recommended)
      • Any other items such as your build, model, or experimental set-up is not required but highly recommended
        • No chemicals that can pose a serious danger to other students (i.e. flammable liquids) 
        • No hazardous device (firearms, ammunition, etc.)
        • No sharp items or items with highly sharp edges (knives, needles, glass fragments, etc.)
        • No animals of any kind (You are allowed to have an animal related project, but do not bring them to the school)
        • No open fires or exposed electrical equipment
        • Any messes made by your project are expected to be cleaned up by you
      • Make sure your project can fit in a 55” by 25” rectangle  (The dimensions of half of a circular table in the MHS commons).
    • Judging:

      • A series of judges will be walking around the commons and scoring your project based on a multitude of categories such as idea, execution, and design.
      • Please make sure to have all the necessary information on your visual presentation, as you will not be presenting your project orally
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