• TIAs and Mainstream Placements
                   This school year the classroom with have the following Teacher Instructional Aides (Paraprofessionals):
    Donna Rechter, Danielle Teeple, Suchita Patel, and Allison Opperman
    Many of the paraprofessionals have worked in my classroom before and have experience in helping students feel comfortable in both Special Education and General Education (mainstream) settings.
                   I enjoy giving students time to socialize and learn from their peers in the appropriate mainstream setting. Whenever a student visits another classroom they are always accompanied by either a teacher or a Paraprofessional.
    Snacks and Lunches
                   There will be time for a snack every day. I encourage nut free snacks to be brought in. It may also be a good idea for students to bring in a snack that is healthy so they can get used to healthy eating habits.
            Lunch is a half hour long every day. Students can bring a lunch from home or buy one from the cafeteria. You can set up an account, add money to an existing account, and view the lunch menu on the districts web site.