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Mrs. Ziedonis

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Responsive Classroom:

  • A child’s social and emotional growth are just as important as their academic growth
  • Best learning takes place when children live in a school environment that is kind, safe, respectful and predictable
  • Main Components of Responsive Classroom: Morning Meeting, rule creation, positive teacher language, logical consequences, academic choice, organized classroom
  • Consequences: removing themselves from the teaching area, come back when they are ready to be respectful listeners, miss 5 minutes of recess. After two incidents within the same school day, letter home to parent, possibly to be followed by an in school meeeting.
  • For more information :
  • Responsive Classroom Parent Page
  • RC youtube


Children learn how to take turns, share ideas, disgree respecfully, and create a caring community of learners! Responsive Classroom is embedded throughout the curriculm.