• Timeline of important events


    - Class meetings. Instrumental music teachers will be meeting with each 4th grade class on a google meet during the first 2 weeks of school. During these meetings, we will help the students finalize their instrument choice.

    - Instrument Selection. During these class meetings, our students will finalize their instrument choice.

    - Parent Confirmation. Parents will be asked to login to genesis to view your child’s instrument choice and confirm that they have permission to learn this instrument and participate in the orchestra program.

    - Instrument Rental. Upon completing the sign up procedures, I will send you instrument rental information. Please do NOT rent an instrument prior to receiving this information. When you go to rent the instrument, you will see there are also some needed accessories such as shoulder rests, music stands, etc. Please ensure you get all needed accessories when ordering online. They will all be listed for you on the rental website.

    - Instrument Delivery and Setup. The instrument rental company will deliver all of the instruments to Village Elementary School, where I will check them and do the initial set up.

    - Instrument Pickup. Once all of the instruments are delivered to Village Elementary School and are ready for you, we will schedule we will set a date for a parent pickup.



    Instrumental music lessons take place in small lesson groups. These lessons take place during the school day on a rotation. Each student will have one lesson per week where they will leave their regular academic teacher’s class for a 30 minute lesson. While we are virtual, these lessons will happen on Google Meet. Once we are back in person, they will happen in our music rooms at VES. Depending upon how quickly the instruments are delivered to our school, we may begin these lessons before you actually have your instrument. These initial lessons would cover important topics such as rhythm and note reading, lesson protocols, and orientation information for our instrumental music program.


    Before School Rehearsals

    During a normal year, students are required to attend ensemble rehearsals to learn how to play together as a band or orchestra. These rehearsals take place before school hours 1-2 times per week from 8:20am – 9:20am. Because this year is different, we will not be able to have these rehearsals in-person until it is safe to do so. If this or other mode of ensemble instruction become an option, I will be in touch with further information.