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    MES PTA Room Parent Corner

    Thank you very much for volunteering to be a MES PTA Room Parent.  Being a Room Parent in the 2021-2022 academic school year might seem a bit peculiar, but it is possible to assist our kids (and teachers) with innovative ideas and open minds!  We appreciate your willingness to accept the challenge and to help all of our children have a unique and exciting year!

    Maria Ryan, MES PTA VP Hospitality, serves as Board Liaison for this program.  If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact her at reregarman@gmail.com.  Please note: We had many volunteer responses for some classrooms and had to select some room parents through a lottery system.  If you were not selected as a room parent, please consider still offering help to the designated liaison (that will likely reach out to you).  We hope you will also still participate in MES PTA events and consider being a MES PTA Room Parent next year. 

    There are two (2) Room Parent Coordinators - one for each campus.  OHES Room Parent Coordinator, Panina Zaurov, panina_z@yahoo.com and VES Room Parent Coordinator, Karen Jeffers, karenhanna@gmail.com  As such, they will be the primary liaisons to the Room Parents providing routine updates, advice and general direction.  Please contact your respective Room Parent Coordinator to ensure your contact information remains up to date at all times, to confirm receipt of communications, and for their assistance should you need anything. All MES PTA Room Parents should receive a communication from their Room Parent Coordinator containing various files.  They are provided here for reference:

    October Update: MES PTA Room Parents should be working on four key items this month: One (1) is to ensure you are a registered MES PTA member (you can confirm membership by emailing Rebecca Chen at mail4rebeccac@gmail.com), HIB trained with a completed quiz, and on record with a completed Code of Conduct document.  Two (2) is to reach out to your classroom teacher(s) to see how best to prepare for Halloween parties on October 29. Three (3) is to do a second attempt to collect parent email addresses for classroom notifications. And four (4) is to use said email addresses to establish contact with classroom parents and advise them of Halloween plans (via the Classroom Parties Interest Form).  Remember to touch base with your Room Parent Coordinator to cross-reference opt-in lists of parent email addresses.  ***When you have your list of ALL volunteers (yourself and other room parents(s) included) who will be coming into school for the Halloween Party be sure to fill out the Room Parent Volunteer Form for your specific school. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that we provide each school with a list of volunteers who will be showing up for the class parties. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ENTRY INTO THE SCHOOL UNLESS YOU HAVE COMPLETED THIS FORM! For OHES, please fill out the form by Wednesday, October 27 by clicking hereFor VES, please fill out the form by Tuesday, October 26 by clicking here

    November Update: Congrats on getting through October! But November is a Wonky Month with various early dismissals, parent teacher conferences, etc. It will race by... So here are a few reminders!
    1. Visit the SHARED IDEAS DOCUMENT and add in the activities and games the students enjoyed from their Halloween classroom party.
    2. Brainstorm on activities NOW! Figure out a general game plan and get after it! Remember that supplies and staffing vary from store to store - so do your leg work now and talk to your classroom teacher(s) to come up with a plan for December's Holiday Party!
    3. December is also the the time for the first of two Teacher(s) Gifts from the class! Before you decide on what to give, survey your teacher(s). Have them fill out a quick questionnaire NOW on their favorite color, hobby, etc. You can still collect from families for a general gift card, or work with families to come up with something original. Make it a genuine gesture and give these hardworking teacher(s) something that speaks of appreciation.
    To become a MES PTA member or renew membership, click here: https://montgomerypta.memberhub.com/store
    To review HIB training information and complete the HIB quiz, visit:
    To review and complete the Code of Conduct form (sign electronically for the year OR be prepared to sign a copy on-site for entry on campus), click here: https://forms.gle/ziwwXV61n5wuSqV5A
Last Modified on November 21, 2021