room parent

    To volunteer to become a VES Room Parent for 2019-20, fill out application here.

    Please note all VES Room Parents must be PTA Members and complete HIB Training.

    For any questions, please contact your VES Room Parent Coordinator, Donna Ligor.

    VES Room Parents:

    Thank you very much for volunteering to be a Room Parent. On the bottom, you will find three documents that will be useful to you throughout the next year. It’s very important that you open all the file attachments and save it to your computer disk drive. You MUST use these forms as they have been approved by Ms. Lacy. The files are:

    1. Room parent guidelines

    2. A letter used to request donations for a teacher gift (holiday and/or year-end)

    3. Halloween party ideas

    We would like to highlight important room parent guidelines that are essential to a successful program:

    If your class has more than 2 volunteers, you must rotate room parent planning and attendance to parties among yourselves. Not all room parents should attend the class parties at the same time and you should invite class parents who have indicated interest on the volunteer data sheet and therefore give everyone a chance to participate. 

    Ms. Lacy requires that you submit a list of party attendees for approval. Therefore, one of the room parents must submit the names of the parents attending each party to the Room Parent Coordinator  at least 7 days before the event. The only way you can gain attendance into the class party is if your name is on the approved list which will be located at the front entrance to the school. This applies to room parents as well.

    You will not get reimbursed by the PTA (or by anyone) for room parent expenses. Please consider this when planning for the parties. The letter to the parents (below) mentions a voluntary activity fee that you may collect to use towards crafts and activities. Any unused amount can be applied towards the year end teacher gift.

    If your child’s class has a second teacher or aide, please feel free to contact us to determine how to split the money you’ve collected from the parents for the class gift.

    Room Parent Guidelines

    Note: All room parents are required to be PTA members. As a PTA member, our PTA insurance covers all paid members. Being a room parent is under the PTA umbrella, since we coordinate and run the parties and activities.  Therefore, room parents need to be members in order to be able to participate in our programs and also be covered under our insurance, otherwise it's a liability for the MES PTA. 




Last Modified on February 23, 2020