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    ·       Excellent site with lots of lessons and games on note reading, rhythm reading, and other musical topics

    ·       You can print blank music paper

    ·       To get to the note reading game:

    1.   Go to “Trainers” and select “note trainer”

    2.   Click on “Settings” to select the correct clef (bass clef or treble clef) (if you change the clef, make sure you click on the previous clef to “deselect” it)

    3.   Click on “Settings” to return to the game



    VicFirth Speed Note Game


    ·       GREAT NOTE READING GAME!!  (only for treble clef)

    ·       10 Levels with 3 speeds

    ·       Especially good for percussion!


    Click on "CLICK HERE TO PLAY"  and follow game directions


    For both of these sites you will need to understand the basic rules of note reading in your clef, because it tests more notes than you may already know.  Use your book or use the “Staff, Clefs, and Ledger Lines” Lesson on Music Theory.net.




    A free online metronome to help you keep a steady beat at many different speeds.   You can use this during practice to make sure your rhythm is steady and your tempo is correct. 


Last Modified on July 10, 2016