• All band students will need the following supplies and should bring them to lessons and rehearsals:
    1. The instrument
    2. The lesson book (Essential Elements for Band book 1) (Percussionists will also need A Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum by Mark Wessels)
    Additionally, Clarinet and Saxophone students will need reeds. 
    Both clarinet and saxophone students will begin the year with strength 2.5 reeds and this may change as they gain more experience.  I would suggest purchasing NO MORE than one box of reeds to start, as students may change reed strengths within a few months.  As your child is ready to try a new strength, I will let him or her know.
    Since reeds break frequently, I ask that students come to each lesson with at least 3 reeds in good condition. 
    The reeds and lesson book can be purchased through the school. 
    Most of the lesson books cost $11, although some of the instruments have books that are slightly more expensive.  On the first day of lessons, I will check to see which students need books and will send home a slip with all of the detailed information for your child's specific instrument.  (We will not use the books right away, but I like students to get into the habit of bringing the book to lessons if they have one.)
    Reed prices (if purchased through the school) are as follows:
    RICO clarinet reeds: $1.75 per reed
    RICO alto saxophone reeds: $2.25 per reed 
    If you are sending money with your child, please send it in an envelope clearly marked with your child's name.  Cash is fine.  Checks can be made out to "Village Elementary School".
Last Modified on June 19, 2018