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    Hello, welcome to my web page!  My name is Mrs. Tanzola and I am a Physical Education/Health Education teacher at Village Elementary School.  I have been teaching at Village school for 12+ years now and I absolutely love it!  On a six day rotational schedule, each student will participate in Physical Education for 2 days, and Health for 1 day.
    If you are a student in my PE class, you can look forward to lots of fun, and educational games, and at the same time, we will practice teamwork, honesty, and good sportsmanship. 
    Each year we began the year with introductory activities which focus on boundaries, body control, and responding to signals. 
    Following this, our next two units include the parachute and gymnastics.  I always enjoy doing the parachute in the beginning of the year because it gives the children the opportunity to accomplish goals together, using teamwork.  Gymnastics is also a lot of fun.  During this unit the children work on balance, strength and flexibility, and at the end of the unit the entire class poses for a picture which is displayed in the showcase in the entrance area of the school. 
    Our third unit of the year is Just Dance, which was thankfully funded by the PTA, and very popular at VES.  This unit is fabulous because everyone can do it, and as the children get better, we can increase the skill level to continuously challenge them.  I'm happy to say that this unit is always a huge hit!
    Our throwing and catching unit comes next.  During this unit we work on correct technique involved in throwing and catching.  As a part of the learning process we play a variety of games where we get the opportunity to practice these skills.
    Our throwing unit is always followed up with a kicking unit.  In this unit the children learn the correct way to dribble, trap, pass and kick the correct way.  Just as in our throwing and catching unit, following the skills, we participate in a variety of games that incorporate kicking.
    Other units that the children participate in during the year include Scooters, Basketball, Stick Manipulation (i.e. Pillow polo, Floor hockey, Field hockey, and Lacrosse sticks) and Bowling!
    At the conclusion of each year, all of the PE teachers work together to create a year-end "Fun Day", which will integrate skills and activities covered throughout the school year...it's a BLAST!!
    In addition to our Physical Education Curriculum, Village School also offers an in depth Health Curriculum.  The health topics covered throughout the year include Personal and Mental Health, Family Life, Nutrition and Fitness, Stress Management, Safety and Injury Prevention, Environmental Awareness, Drugs and Alcohol, Human Development, and Disease Prevention. 
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    Some of the teaching tools we will use to learn about these topics will include class discussions, reading books, watching videos, and completing in class activities such as crosswords, word searches, and fill in's with word banks. Rarely will we assign homework, but in the rate instances when we do, please remember to get it done!
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