Hello parents- 
      WELCOME BACK!  I hope you all had a wonderful summer!!!!
       I am Mr. Rooney, one of the four Health and Physical Education teacher's at Orchard Hill Elementary School.  This year will be my 11th year as a teacher and coach in the Montgomery school district. In the eleven years, Orchard Hill has always been my home base and I am so excited for another great year with all of my K-2 classes. 
    Mr. Rooney Facts:
     One thing that your children and I have in common is that I grew up in Montgomery and was a student at Orchard Hill during that time. I graduated from MHS in 1992. As a student athlete, I ran cross country and played basketball and baseball. This spring I will be starting my 6th year as the head coach of the Varsity softball program. I also coach 7th grade girls soccer and 8th grade boys basketball.
    HOBBIES:  playing golf, tennis, basketball and swimming.
    MY TEAMS:  NY Islanders, NY Giants, NY Yankees and MHS softball.
    IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Office phone:  x1245, Email: jrooney@mtsd.k12.nj.us
    What do we do in physical education class?
           The first and second grade classes will get two forty minute classes every six days. During the year we will be doing many of the same activities for both first and second  grade levels. We will work getting to know each other with "name games" work on warming up, teaching a "good pace" for jogging, and then get started with some basic instruction to hand/eye coordination. 
        In Kindergarten, we will spend most of the fall working on "get to know you games", as well as concentrating on safety first.  The children will learn the rules of some different tagging games as well as using the hula hoop, juggling scarves, and throwing  round objects. Throwing and catching is reviewed almost every class and worked on in small groups.  They will be introduced to jump roping later in the year. This will give the kids a chance to work on  timing, balance, jumping and hopping. Kindergarten will be meeting three times every six days for twenty minutes.
       In first grade and second grade we will be moving through some activities quicker then kindergarten and starting  beginner "sports units".  Our first unit will be a very exciting soccer unit where we practice: kicking, trapping, passing, shooting and understanding the positioning. Our soccer games have many balls in the games to give our little athletes a chance to take shots, make passes or make some great saves with there hands.  At the end of the unit, we will change some of the rules and the objects to the theme of Halloween.
     What will health class be like?
    The kindergarten classes do not have health class but we will discuss the basics when we meet for gym class. We will discuss how important breakfast is? Making sure we brush our teeth and get a good night's sleep.
    In first and second grade we will have one health class every six days. During this time we will discuss nitration, fire safety, telling the truth and being a good friend. Our lessons will be done by using videos, reading the children stories and doing some small art projects.
    Again, I would like to say welcome and good luck to another great year at Orchard Hill!
    See you all in the gym!!!
    Mr. Johnny Rooney