• Bluebird
    The History of Blazer our Bluebird
    Bluebirds were the original harbingers of spring until their numbers were decimated through use of pesticides and habitat destruction before the age of environmental awareness. They thrive in areas of open farmlands where insects and old woodpecker holes abound. Montgomery offers this type of habitat which can be enhanced with the provision of bluebird houses.

    Cousins of the robin, they have staged a comeback through the efforts of individuals who provide and maintain nesting boxes along bluebird “trails”. Several bluebird boxes were placed on VES grounds several years ago. As a result of this, bluebirds have become almost commonplace around VES and Montgomery. Students can learn about and observe these unobtrusive, beautiful little birds right here on school grounds while practicing caring and responsibility for our fellow creatures.

    In April 2006, Village Students voted to name our mascot Blazer the Bluebird and in 2007 they voted for our school motto: Blazer says, “Be Your Best at VES!”

    Mr. Hadinger