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    What is Google Drive?

    Google Drive is a cloud-based storage system that allows you to keep your documents, photos, videos, and other files online. Whenever you place files on Google Drive, they are stored on internet servers rather than your computer's hard drive. You can then access those files from any computer with an internet connection or even a mobile device, like a tablet or smartphone.

    Why use Google Drive?
    There are many advantages to keeping your files online. Because files can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection, Drive eliminates the need to email or save a file to a USB drive. And because Drive allows you to share files, working with others becomes easier than ever before.
    If you install Google Drive on multiple devices, Google Drive makes sure that your files and folders are all updated. Just connect to the web and all of your documents in Drive will sync to all of your devices– it's pretty much automatic.  Change something on one device and it changes everywhere.

    Any time your device has Internet access, it checks in with Google Drive. That ensures your files and folders are always up to date. 

    Google Drive allows you to access Google Docs, tools for creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more. Google Docs are stored on your Google Drive so you can open them on any computer with an Internet connection.
    Are my files secure on Google Drive?
    The introduction of Google Drive has raised some privacy concerns among users. While Google Drive attempts to keep your files private and secure, storing files on the cloud is not without some risk. It's possible that your files could be lost by the server or hacked and viewed by someone else. Though the chances of this happening are very low, you should never keep your only copy of an important document in the cloud

    How do I access Google Drive for the first time?

    It is important that you use Chrome as your web browser (not Internet Explorer).  Go to the Staff Portal and select Google Apps for Education.  Your Username is your full MTSD e-mail and your password was provided by the technology department.  
    You will be prompted to accept the terms and then create your own personal password. Then you will be offered a tour of the Google world.  You can take the tour or close it.
    Getting Started with Google Drive 
     Use the left navigation:
    • My Drive:  Everything you've created or uploaded to your Google Drive.
    • Shared with me: Files that others have shared with you.
    • Starred: Files and folders that you've assigned a star to (important files).
    • Activity: Everything in your Google Drive in the order it was last updated.
    • Recently opened: Everything you've recently viewed or worked on in the order it was last updated.
    Google Drive Help Center
    Click here for the Google Drive Help Center.