•  Google in Classroom
    Google in the Classroom
     Here are some ideas on how you can use Google tools with your students:
    1.  Encourage your students to read more by creating a Google Form to record their reading records.  Add a section for parents to get involved!  Responses are  automatically recorded in a Google Sheet.  Here's an example:
    Reading Log  
     2.  Post a question in Google Moderator that gets your students thinking.  This works well with group reading.  Have them vote on the best responses and continue the discussion in class.  Here's an example:
     3.  Use Google Hangouts to connect to a guest speaker or reader for a lesson. 
    4.  In the beginning of the year, create a Form to survey your students’ interests and try to tie them into your lessons.
    5.  Use Google Drawing  during your geometry unit.  Have student create pictures using as many different shapes as they can.  They can share them with classmates and ask them to label the shapes.  Here's an example:
    6.  More ideas for using Google in your classroom:  Lesson Plans 
    Have a creative idea for using Google in your classroom?  Please e-mail kyoung@mtsd.us to have it posted here.  
    Google as a Teacher Productivity Tool 
    • Collaborative Lesson Planning - work on the same lesson plan with a colleague using Google Docs.
    • Take PLC meeting notes in Docs and share with the rest of your group. 
    • Create a shared folder on Google Drive for your grade level to share resources.
    • Use Google sheets to help schedule parent conferences.